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The Home Crafts channel offers a variety of DIY projects for your home. Find ways to creatively enhance your surroundings and celebrate family life here.


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How to Make Homemade Baby Shower Favors

There are all sorts of homemade baby shower favors that are easy to make. Learn how to make homemade baby shower favors in this article.

How to Make Homemade Soap

Making your own homemade soap is a great way to have fancy soaps at a fraction of the cost of buying them. Read this article to learn how to make homemade soap.

5 Craft Projects and Cleanups Using Kitchen and Bathroom Supplies

Craft kits from hobby stores are a fun and organized way to get artsy. Save yourself some money with these five simple, at-home craft projects kids can make -- with stuff you already have in your kitchen and bathroom.

Whimsical Wall Decor

Brighten up any space with personalized custom wall art. Create a one-of-a-kind gift for a new baby or housewarming, or change the look of any room in your home with this inexpensive and easy project that can be completed in an afternoon.

Banner Bonanza!

This craft will help you create your own colorful banner for any occasion using a few pieces of paper and your imagination!

Inexpensive Home DecorCrafts

Yard sale finds and ordinary household items become beautiful home decor projects with just a few simple steps.

Easy (and Inexpensive) Ways to Top Your Table!

We all love to create a welcoming table when we celebrate with friends and family. With a few simple steps, inexpensive items such as napkin rings or votive candle holders can easily be transformed into personalized, creative table decor for any occasion.

What in the world to do with chipboard?

Chipboard is a versatile medium that comes pre-cut in a variety of shapes and sizes for your paper crafting projects. If you have a drawer full of fun chipboard shapes but no idea what to do with them, these seven examples will open up a world of creativity!

Fun (and Fast) Photo Frames

Personalized, coordinating photo frames don't have to be pricey or difficult to make. Use inexpensive frames (and some unexpected household supplies) to create the perfect housewarming gift, party favor, kids' project or to showcase your favorite photo.

Scrapbooking 101

Scrapbooking may seem overwhelming to a beginner if you don't know where to start or where to get ideas, but a few easy steps and some simple tools will get you started!

How to Make a Ribbon Bulletin Board

A ribbon bulletin board, perfect for teen bedrooms, is a great way to showcase photos and memorabilia. Create your own ribbon bulletin board with this simple step-by-step guide.

10 Popular Craft Projects

Whether you're looking for a way to spend rainy days at home or hoping to launch a profitable business, crafting is a popular pastime among men, women and children of all ages. But you might need a little help finding the right project. Choose one from this list, and you can't go wrong.

Craft a Doorknob Sign

Door hangings are a fun way for kids to keep the family posted on what they're up to, whether it's doing homework or hanging out. Learn how to create your own door hangings with this guide.

Finger-Painted Masterpiece

The finger-paint masterpiece craft is perfect for very young children – just be forewarned that the materials in this project can make for quite a sugar high that even Monet might not escape.

Customized Coffee Mug

Make mom's morning cup of coffee a personalized affair by decorating a new mug that's be sure to become a fast favorite.

Decorative Picture Frame

Let the kids create a masterpiece, and then make it even more special by placing it in a decorative picture frame.

Magnetic Memories

Refrigerators can never have too many magnets, especially when one of them reminds mom of somebody special.

Painted Pasta Necklace

Making this simple, yet endearing, painted past necklace craft can be as fun as watching mom wearing it all day.

Craft a Lampshade

Highlight your kid's artistic abilities by helping them incorporate one of their masterpieces into a lampshade.

Craft a Light Switch Plate

Your local hardware shop or big box store probably carry pre-painted light switch plates that appeal to kids, but how about letting your family get creative instead?

Craft a Mobile

Mobiles are a neat display -- and they can be a welcome way to draw the eye if the sight of toys littering the floor of a kid's bedroom becomes too much.

Kids' Activities

Kids' Activities keep little ones busy, engaged, and focused. On holidays or during vacations, Find fun games, projects, and crafts designed to keep kids busy and active indoors and out. Take a look at these fun and engaging Kids' Activities.

Marble Games for Kids

These marble games for kids are great indoor activities to play on a rainy day. Get your friends and family involved as well. Marble games do require some skill and dexterity in order to be successful. Check out these fun marble games for kids.

Easy Water Activities for Kids

Easy water activities for kids make a splash, and water is a material that's always on hand. Learn easy water activities for kids at HowStuffWorks. With names such as Bottle Waves, Liquid Melodies, and Cloud in a Bottle, you will be sure to have lots of splashy fun!

Easy Winter Activities for Kids

Easy winter activities for kids bring nature indoors with winter-growing plants. Bundle up and learn all about winter-growing plants in these easy winter activities for kids.