How to Make Beaded Zipper Pulls

Ssssssseriously, what could be ssssssweeter than this snake on your zipper?
Ssssssseriously, what could be ssssssweeter than this snake on your zipper?

Give a cardigan sweater or jacket -- or even a backpack or school bag -- a whole new look with one of these snazzy beaded zipper pulls. These colorful creations will help your stuff (luggage, perhaps?) or your clothes stand out from the crowd.

Best of all, with our easy, step-by-step directions and illustrations, these zipper pull projects are a snap to make, even for kids. After learning a few easy steps, kids will be active for hours. These zipper pull projects will provide hours of fun.

This article offers instructions for making all of the following zipper pull designs. So pick your favorite to get started, or go in order and make all five!

Zipper Chic

Start simple with this chic zipper pull, which turns lanyard or even colored shoe laces into a knotted masterpiece.

Sly Snake Zipper Pull

Set your backpack apart from the crowd -- and give it a built-in guardian -- with this stealthy snake.

Buddy Bead Tags

These beaded beauties not only add color to your zipper, they're fun to trade with your friends. Get started now.

Classic Zipper Pull

Put your friendship bracelet-making skills to a new use (or develop some for the first time) with this woven lanyard classic.

Zippy Zipper Pull

This one is zippy because you'll make it in a flash. Just follow our easy instructions.

Ready to begin? Select the zipper of your choice, and continue to the next page to learn how to decorate it.

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