Easy Outdoor Games for Kids

Turn stuffed-animal washing into a game.
Turn stuffed-animal washing into a game.
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Easy outdoor games for kids offer lively activities to capture imaginations and keep feet moving. Toss coins and roll balls. See who can wash their stuffed animal the fastest or follow a scent trail through the woods. Blow soap bubbles or ice-chip "darts." These are just some of the activities in these easy outdoor games for kids.

With so much to do -- and with easy instructions and limited materials needed -- there's no excuse to sit inside. Bring the kids out, enjoy the weather, and have some fun.


Follow the links below to discover easy outdoor games that your kids can play:

Hit the Coin Game

Hit the coin with a ball, move it across the line, and win this sidewalk game.

Hopscotch with 12 Squares

Add fun to hopscotch with this 12-square variation.

Boot Hill Game

Be first to find your shoes, put them on, and win.

Ball Rolling Game

Keep the balls rolling -- but not too far -- in this fast-action game.

Meet a Tree Game

Explore a tree blindfolded, and test your skill in finding it again.

Blind Man's Bluff in Nature

Take this indoor game outside, and discover more about nature.

Test Your Sense of Smell

Find out how dogs feel when they sniff their way around a park.

Drive-By Fiction

Take your imagination for a drive by observing your street.

Coins in a Bucket Game

Capture the quarter in this game of skill and accuracy.

Ice Shot Game

Try a safe form of dart-blowing with a straw and ice chips.

Stuffed Animal Wash

Be the first to get your teddy bear clean.

Soap Bubble Bonanza

Float on the fun with easy bubble activities.

Coded Message Kites

Send secret, flying messages to your friends.

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