How to Make Beads

Learn to create these pretty flower power beads.
Learn to create these pretty flower power beads.

Beaded jewelry is always a popular choice, and imagine how much more fun you'll have when you're not just stringing beads together, but actually making them yourself.

You may be surprised at how easy many of these bead projects are to make, and to learn that beads can be made from everything from paper to flower petals. Intrigued? Pick one of the projects below and get started!

In this article you can learn to make the following types of beads:

Dough Beads

You thought play dough was ruined once it dried out! Learn how to make play dough beads here.

Paper Magic Beads

No one will ever guess how these beads were made -- unless you tell them. Find out more!

Flower Power Beads

Smaller beads make flower beads in this multi-layered project. See how to make these pretty beads here.

Rose Beads

Real roses are an ingredient in these fragrant beads. Keep reading to learn more.

Rolled Paper Beads

Wait! Don't take out the recycling -- there's jewelry in there! See how to make rolled paper beads using stuff around the house.

Beaded Beauties

Sand forms the base for these beads, which you can decorate any way you want. Learn about sand beauties here.

Ready to get started? This first type of bead is easy to make, so it's the perfect way to begin your bead-making adventure. Learn more on the next page.

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