Gift Guide for the Bathroom Remodeler

Give your bathroom DIYer the perfect gift!
Give your bathroom DIYer the perfect gift!

Time for the holidays! Time for gifts! And if you've got a relative, sweetie or buddy who's been thinking about remodeling his or her bathroom, you have the unique opportunity of getting him something that will help him make everyone's bathroom experience a pleasant one.

But what do you get the bathroom remodeler? A shiny new toilet auger? A gift certificate for air fresheners? A box of screws? No, all of those are as terrible as getting socks for your birthday. If you don't want to watch your DIYer hide disappointment when he opens your gift, you're going to have to find something he wants more than he needs.

It's a thin line to walk when buying a bathroom remodeling-related present. You want to be helpful, but not intrusive, and you need to make sure that gift you give won't change what the DIYer is trying to do already. A robotic toilet or a set of solid gold faucets, though expensive, may not square with the aesthetic he has in mind for the bathroom. On the other hand, gifts that are too practical should also be avoided -- for example, bidets are definitely out.

The perfect gift is something that will not only make the bathroom better, but will make the work itself more fun. Think useful, but also powerfully cool. To that end, there are three rules of thumb to keep in mind when shopping for the bathroom remodeler: Go for things that are interesting, high-quality and just barely too practical for the recipient to buy on his own. Read on for some helpful ideas.