Holiday Crafts

Holiday Crafts at HowStuffWorks has activities for each special day in the year. From Valentine's Day to Thanksgiving, check out our holiday craft ideas.


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How to Make Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

Sugar skulls are an integral (and beautiful) part of Day of the Dead festivities. We speak with an artist and sugar skull expert to find out how to make them.

5 Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make

Kids can help make the season bright with some fun Christmas crafts!

10 Cute Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids

It's tradition for kids to share Valentine's Day cards, but there's no rule saying they have to be like everyone else's. We'll show you how to step up your child's card giving game.

Valentine Craft Ideas for Kids

Try these simple-to-make Valentine crafts and treats for kids from HowStuffWorks.

How to Make Holiday Luminaries

Light up your holiday with luminaries you make yourself. Learn about how to make holiday luminaries in this article.

How to Make Bows for Wreaths

Learn how to make bows for wreaths, and you will be able to decorate your house for the holidays without spending a lot of money. Learn about how to make bows for wreaths in this article.

How to Make Cheap Vampire Fangs

Have you ever wanted to make vampire fangs, but didn't know how? Learn how to make vampire fangs from this article.

How to Make Confetti Poppers

You can make confetti poppers with just a few simple materials. Learn about how to make confetti poppers in this article.

How to Make Fake Blood

Your children want fake blood on their Halloween costumes, but you don't know how to make it. Read on, and we will give you some recipes for how to make fake blood.

How to Make Fake Scars at Home

You can make fake scars at home using tried and true homemade recipes. Learn about how to make fake scars at home in this article.

How to Make a Handprint Turkey

It's easy to make a handprint turkey. Learn about how to make a handprint turkey in this article.

How to Make an Advent Calendar

Advent calendars make a ceremony of anticipating the big day, and for more than a century, they've added drama and maybe a few surprises to the weeks before Christmas.

Crafty Costume Ideas: How to Make Easy Super Hero Costumes from Household Items

Get ideas and guides for creating homemade costumes from household items.

5 Halloween Craft Projects for Kids

Halloween is the perfect time of year for kids to use all the fantastic, creepy and ghoulish inspiration surrounding them and channel it into creative craft projects.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is the perfect treat to show a family member that you care about them. Get the perfect breakfast in bed menu for your family's next special occasion.

Just Desserts

A dessert of double layer chocolate caramel brownies can satisfy any mother's day sweet tooth, and be a pleasant surprise for an afternoon snack.

Candy Clips With Real Heart

This easy craft takes very little time but is a long-lasting gift with a big message!

Craft a Father's Day Barbecue Set

For dads who love to grill out on warm summer afternoons, a personalized barbeque apron, mitts and tools can be a great Father's Day gift.

Craft a Father's Day Coin Dish

Give dad a handy place to stash his spare change with this craft. Give it a theme or make it simple – it's up to you!

Craft a Father's Day Crown

Make dad feel like royalty on Father's Day by crafting a special crown just for him.

Craft a Father's Day Paper Weight

What dad's desk is complete without a paperweight? Try this one out for a Father's Day gift that's sure to be as handy as it is handmade.

Craft a Father's Day Tie Tack

Organizing all those ties can be tricky, but you can help dad out by crafting a tie rack.

Home-Baked Valentine Keepsakes

These treats smell good enough to eat, but will be special enough to keep. Learn how to craft home-baked Valentine keepsakes.

Mother's Day Bouquet

Fresh flowers make a great gift on Mother's Day morning, but if that's not an option try this craft and whip her up a beautiful handmade bouquet.

Mother's Day Spinning Card

There are lots of creative ways to turn giving a card into a craft, but here's one that can show how much mom is loved a dozen times over.