Fabric Crafts

Fly your fabric skills with these art crafts.
Fly your fabric skills with these art crafts.

Fabric crafts for kids are crafts you'll want to share, whether it's a family flag or a pretty bookmark, a fancy frame or colorful fruit.

Kids can easily get started making these art crafts using tools they're already familiar with, such as scissors, string, and glue, for starters. The sky is the limit to your imagination with fabric crafts for kids.

Follow the links to start fabricating fabulous kids' crafts:

Felt Storyboards

Make a story come alive with this storyboard craft. Find out how fabric can turn storytelling into a visual art in this craft project.

Fabric Fruit

Fruit is a delicious snack, but it's even better as a craft. You can't eat this fruit but it's great to look at and even more fun to create.

Felt Family Flag

Celebrate your family and your favorite activities by creating a Felt Family Flag. Use fabric to celebrate the whole family in this craft.

Fabric Flower Bookmark

Combine your love for crafts and words with this project. Use fabric and flowers to hold your place in this kids' craft.

Fancy Fabric Frame

Use fun fabrics to transform a boring frame into a work of art with this craft.

Sock Puppets

Bring new life to your old socks by adding fabric and faces to create sock puppets in this fun craft.

Don't know where to start? How about with "Once upon a time"? Try making an interactive storyboard with the first fabric craft.

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