Easy Art Projects for Kids

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Easy art projects for kids help children begin to express creativity at an early age. There are so many exciting and interesting things to create, and all you need are some simple art supplies and objects you already have around the house!

As kids try more projects, they'll learn how to use various tools while experimenting with different ideas. Remember, creativity doesn't always mean making something new, it's learning how to combine one idea with another. As your little artists bloom, you'll see them come up with their own additions to make these projects unique.


Follow the links below to learn some fun and easy art projects to inspire your family's very own Monet or Cassatt:

Magazine Mosaic

Create a classic art mosaic using a magazine, construction paper, and glue.

Herb Collage

Whip up a colorfully fragrant collage using herbs and spices found in the kitchen pantry.

Assemblage Sculpture

Teach your kids how to create a classic work of art by grouping objects found around the house.

Family Tree of Hands

Craft a family tree and learn all about your family history.

Pebble Sculptures

Turn ordinary rocks into sculptured figures of people, pets, and more.

Pipe Cleaner Flower Bouquet

Grow a colorful bouquet of handmade lilies, roses, tulips, and daffodils.

Leaf Rubbings

Create textural artwork with nothing more than paper, leaves, and crayons.

Keep reading to learn how your kids can turn magazine pages into modern art mosaics.

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