DIY Gift Guide

A DIY gift guide can help you narrow down a gift idea for the the DIYer in your life. DIYers stockpile tools but an expert DIY gift guide can help you find the gift that your DIYer needs but doesn't have.

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Add a personal touch to that candle-lit dinner by learning how to make you own gel candles. This article shows you how to make gel candles.

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Saponification is the chemical process by which the ingredients that make up the typical bar of soap come together. And you can find out for yourself with our easy recipe for lye soap.

By Alia Hoyt

When the giftee on your list is a DIY superstar, you've got to get him something that he wants, needs and can put to good use. For any DIYers attempting a bathroom renovation, we've got the perfect gift ideas.

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DIY is everywhere these days, and it can be very tempting to jump on the bandwagon. But before you do, make sure you have the tools and accessories you need to be successful. This list will get you started so you can show off your handywork.

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Outdoor rooms are becoming more popular than ever, and more often than not, a fire pit is the focal point. It's easy to build one yourself -- if you keep safety and reality in check. This article should help you do both.

By Sara Elliott