Paint Crafts

The Scratch Board paint craft.
The Scratch Board paint craft.

Kids love to create, and these paint crafts projects help them learn new tricks and techniques while creating art that is worthy of a frame -- or at least a treasured spot on the fridge.

In this article, you'll find paint craft projects that utilize handy kitchen ingredients such as salt or corn syrup, and others that teach kids new ways to think about color and texture.


The following paint craft projects show budding artists great ways to use paints to create unique works of art.

Salt And Watercolor Painting

Salt tastes great on French fries, but it also creates a cool painting.

Big Brush Art

Discover how a big paintbrush yields big art.

Straw-Blown Painting

Make a painting without ever touching the page. Use the air in your lungs to push paint across the canvas.

Corn Syrup Painting

Corn syrup isn't just for pancakes anymore. Make your own corn syrup paints for a picture that looks wet even after it's dry.

Poster Re-Design

Make an old poster brand new when you dive into this paint craft.

Framed Stained Glass

Craft a piece of homemade stained glass and make a regular window look like a work of art.

Brayer Scraper Art Technique

Like modern art and design? This paint craft technique lends a modern look to books, journals, and whatever else you choose to paint.

Magic Marble Painting

Up and down and over it goes; where it stops, no one knows. Use a marble as your brush for this paint craft activity.

Two-Day Paintings

If you have the patience for it, this paint craft will pay off. Paint half on the first day and half on the second for a special look.

Scratch Board

This awesome paint craft is a bold alternative to the typical look of a painting. Use a black scratch board and reverse the contrast of your picture.

Finger-Paint Transfer

Make your own finger paints and then make a copy of your picture -- no photocopier needed.

Emotional Painting

Get your feelings down on paper with this simple but emotionally rewarding paint activity.

Blot Painting

This paint craft produces mirror images of abstract shapes. After you create a blog painting, you can try and find 'accidental' images.

Paint With Texture

Make your own textured paint and take your painting to the next level when you create a 3-D picture.

With so many paint crafts to choose from, it's hard to decide. So, visit the next page to try a salt and watercolor picture -- an easy way to get started.

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