Easy Fitness Activities for Kids

Kids will develop dexterity and balance with Ten-Penny Pickup.
Kids will develop dexterity and balance with Ten-Penny Pickup.
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These easy fitness activities for kids make exercise so much fun that your children won't notice they're working out. When you motivate children to exercise, they'll be happier, healthier, and more focused.

Learn how to turn a trail run into a scavenger hunt, or host a dance party that keeps kids moving all day long. Each fitness activity will add a new dimension to your exercise routine.


On the following pages, you'll read about innovative and easy fitness activities that your kids will love.

Jumping Jack Flash

Build your kids' strength and endurance with this easy fitness activity.

Milk Bottle Workout

Get your kids pumping iron without spending a lot of money on exercise equipment.

Happening Joints

Help kids improve flexibility and understand how their bodies work with this easy fitness activity.

Hike and Hunt

Introduce kids to active outdoor fun that teaches them about the environment.

Frantic Flying Disk

How much fun can your kids have with a Frisbee? Find out when you teach them to play frantic flying disc.

Fast Clap

Challenge kids to improve coordination and speed with an easy fitness activity.

Ten-Penny Pickup

Teach your kids a competitive game that improves dexterity.

Step by Step

This easy fitness activity keeps kids active and improves their observational skills at the same time.

Dance Party

Inspire kids to be creative while they get exercise.

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