How to Make Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are easy to make and will draw a variety of birds to your backyard.
Bird feeders are easy to make and will draw a variety of birds to your backyard.

There is no better way to cheer up your yard than with the sound of singing birds. One way to attract these wonderful creatures is to build a bird feeder. Fortunately, making them is easy -- with a few simple materials, and a little bit of patience, you can learn how to make bird feeders. Soon, birds will be singing to you all day long.

Whether you enjoy bird-watching or simply want to attract some feathered friends to your yard, you will surely find an effective and easy-to-make bird feeder in this article.


Follow the links below for instructions on how to make a variety of bird feeders:

Backyard Bird Rescue Bird Feeder

When winter blows into town, most birds fly out. Feed the few that remain with this bird feeder.

Bird Cafeteria Bird Feeder

Many people put out feeders full of seeds, but you can attract a wider variety of birds with this bird feeder.

Bird Condo Bird Feeder

Attract birds to your trees with this luxurious bird condominium.

Birdbath Bird Feeder

Bird feeders attract many birds to your yard, but water will attract even more -- learn how to do both with this bird feeder.

Bird Breakfast Bird Feeder

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for birds too. Get a bird's day started right with this feeder.

Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds are amazing and beautiful creatures. Attract them to your house with this feeder.

Milk Carton Meal Bird Feeder

Instead of throwing out that empty milk carton turn it into a feeder birds will love.

Twig Roof Bird Feeder

This rustic feeder will bring a variety of birds to your backyard.

Water Hole Bird Feeder

Help birds quench their thirst with this water feeder.

Early Bird Diner Bird Feeder

The early bird will certainly get a treat when you build this bird feeder.

Keep reading for a bird feeder that will help you turn your backyard into a haven for birds.

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