Wood Crafts

imagination running at full speed!
imagination running at full speed!

Wood crafts may be challenging, but the results are impressive. Both you and your kids will enjoy long hours of concentrated activity as you make these art crafts. The idea is to learn basic skills, learn to respect and handle tools, and to have some fun in the process.

With carpentry projects, it's important that adults preread and review the instructions. Ask kids to help mom or dad cut and drill all the wood pieces, but keep a watchful eye.

As kids try more wood crafts, they'll learn how to use various tools and become more comfortable experimenting with different ideas. Eventually they'll come up with their own wood craft projects to create!

Follow the links below to learn some fun and challenging wood crafts that encourage family sharing and the building of skills.

Toothpick Shark Sculpture

Try your hand at constructing a shark sculpture made entirely of toothpicks.

Toothpick Architecture

Build a toothpick person, building, or whatever your child's imagination dreams up.

Toothpick Dolls

Use toothpicks, floss, and glue to create your own pocket-sized pals.

Marionette Puppet

Become marionette makers with this more challenging carpentry craft.

Block Buildings

Construct stores, homes, and your own miniature city with wood blocks.

Play Furniture

Furnish your doll house with a new couch, chair, TV, table, and more.

Measure Me Strip

Make a special measurement board to keep track of your child's growth.

Traffic Signs

Teach kids the rules of the road by crafting your own stop, yield, and railroad crossing signs.

Keep reading to learn how your kids can construct their very own shark pal -- from toothpicks!

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