How to Make Educational Games

The Fractional Pizza Game might make you hungry.
The Fractional Pizza Game might make you hungry.

Learn how to make educational games that are entertaining and fun. Get the whole family involved in making and playing games that challenge their minds while they have a good time.

You children will learn valuable lessons about art, math, and logic while making and playing educational games. Encourage your kids to be creative, but be sure to help them to understand the lessons inherent in the games.

On the following pages, you will learn how to make educational games that the whole family will enjoy.

One Peg at a Time

Adults and children alike will be challenged by this clever educational game. Similar to checkers, it is a game of strategy that's easy to make.


Liven up a game of dominoes when you play with Pictominoes, an educational game that you and your kids can make and play together.

Jazzy Jigsaw

Have fun and learn a lot when you make the Jazzy Jigsaw. This educational game lets kids express their creativity and then challenges them to solve the puzzle.

The Great Adventure

This educational game lets kids put their heroes to the test. When you make The Great Adventure, you choose both the characters and the obstacles they encounter.


Find out how many words you and your kids can make when you play the educational Spool-A-Word game. This easy-to-make game improves language skills.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Challenge your kids to get creative when they make their Jigsaw Puzzle. This educational game is fun to both make and solve.

No-Bored Games

This educational game turns study time into a good time. Play No-Bored Games with your kids, and watch their interest in school skyrocket!

Find the Presents

Similar to Battleship, the Find the Presents game teaches kids concentration, recall, and strategy. Find out how to make this educational game.

Matrix Game

This educational game is a puzzle that takes concentration and a sharp visual eye. Your kids will have hours of fun playing the Matrix Game.

Brain Teaser Art

Let your kids get creative with Brain Teaser Art. See the complex designs that they dream up when you play this educational game.

Fractional Pizza Game

Teach your kids basic math skills with this educational game that's fun to make. Careful! This game may make you hungry.


Learn how to make a set of checkers that's so professional people will think it's from a store! Get your kids involved in making and playing Checkers.

Art Flash Cards

This educational game improves both recall and drawing skills. When you and your kids play Brain Teaser Art, you'll hone artistic skills as well as memory.

Weather Journal

When you encourage your child to keep a Weather Journal, he or she will start to recognize weather patterns. Find out how to create this educational game.

You can make the One Peg at a Time game out of old newspapers and thumb tacks. Learn how to make this educational game on the next page.

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