How to Make Bird Snacks

Making bird snacks is a fun way to help out your neighborhood birds.
Making bird snacks is a fun way to help out your neighborhood birds.

Birds don't always have it easy. No matter what the season, they must search for food every day in order to survive. You can help our feathered friends by learning how to make bird snacks and putting them out in your yard.

Bird snacks are easy to prepare, and help birds survive during periods when food is scarce. Bird snacks also have an added bonus of attracting a wide variety of birds to your neighborhood. So put on your chef hat and get ready to make some bird snacks.


Check out the link below to learn how to make some great bird snacks:

Bird Cake Bird Snacks

When we celebrate our favorite friends, we bake them a cake. We can celebrate our feathered friends the same way with these bird snacks.

Food for Flyers Bird Snacks

Try these varieties of snacks to attract a variety of birds.

Garlands Galore Bird Snacks

These garlands will bring a holiday cheer to hungry birds.

Seed and Feed Bird Snacks

Have you ever watched to see what birds eat? See how different birds eat different foods with these snacks.

Suet Bell Bird Snacks

This bird snack is a dinner bell all birds will flock to.

Pine Cone Café Bird Snacks

You may not find a pine cone appetizing, but birds will certainly enjoy this snack.

Holiday Tree Bird Snacks

Celebrate the holidays and help out your local birds with these festive bird snacks.

Winter Bird Snacks

Winter can be hard on birds, but you can help them survive by making them these snacks.

Snowman Bird Snacks

Instead of a button nose and two eyes made out of coal, decorate your snowman with bird snacks.

Bake a cake for your neighborhood birds with the craft on the following page.

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