How to Make Games

Balloon badminton is one of many games you can create yourself.
Balloon badminton is one of many games you can create yourself.
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What could be more fun than having a collection of different games? Whether you're looking for a rainy-day activity or an entertaining way to spend an evening, learning how to make games is a great project for kids and adults to do together.

The following articles describe a variety of games that are just as much fun to make as they are to play. Kids will be able to handle most of the directions by themselves, but it's good to have an adult nearby for any tricky parts, like using a craft knife.


Wheel of Measure

Discover how long or how wide things are in your home with this measuring game. Find out how to make it.


Create your own maze game to play with friends. See how easy it is to make a maze -- but how tricky it is to get through it!

Auto Bingo

Playing auto bingo is a great way to pass the time on long car trips. Find out how to make this fun game.

Beanbag Game

Check out these great ideas for games you can play with beanbags -- and learn six new games.

Balloon Badminton

Here's a great variation on a familiar game -- you use balloons to play badminton. Find out how.

Craft Stick Puzzle

Create your own puzzles using craft sticks and markers. See how to make one that's uniquely your own.

Flip Ball Paddle

Try your luck with flipping the ball through the hole in the paddle. Learn how to make this game.

Baseball Target Game

You can play baseball in the house -- when you use this target game. Find out how to make this game.

Game Pieces

Have you lost a piece to a game? Find out how to make new ones.

Twist-Tie Pickups

See if you can be the one to pick up the most twist-tie figures. Learn how to make this game of skill.

Toddler Can

Create a special game just for toddlers -- they'll love dropping objects into a can. See how easy it is to make one.

Car Race Game

Draw a curvy track and add some place-markers -- now you have a car race game. Find out how to get started.

Code Wheel

Send and receive messages in code with a code wheel -- only you and your friends will know what the message is. Learn how to make it.

Box Maze

Tilt and turn the box to move a marble through a maze, but watch out for the holes! Find out more about this game.

Start the fun by making a "wheel" for a measuring game. Keep reading to find out more.

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