Music Crafts

Learn how to make Sand Blocks in this article.
Learn how to make Sand Blocks in this article.

These music crafts for kids will take you and your imagination to the islands for a warm, tropical getaway of lively music beneath swaying palm trees.

Use these music crafts to create a Caribbean band that features the plunking of a rubber band zither, the swish of sand blocks, the rhythmic beat of a bongo drum, and the buzz of a kazoo.

These instruments are easy to make at home with kids, using simple directions and everyday objects. Bring art techniques and musical sound together, gather your musicians, and let the entertainment begin!

Follow the links below to learn how you can make instruments for your own Caribbean band:

Rubber Band Zither

Strum songs of the islands on this homemade stringed instrument.

Sand Blocks

Rub or hit these sand blocks together for two distinct percussion sounds.

Bongo Drum

Add rhythm to your band with this striking bongo drum.

Keep reading to start your Caribbean band strumming. Learn how to make a rubber band zither that is fun to play.

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