Tree Crafts for Kids

Learning how to preserve leaves is just one tree craft for kids.
Learning how to preserve leaves is just one tree craft for kids.
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There's no better way to connect with nature than to get up close and personal with a tree -- and the tree crafts for kids found on the following pages are a great way to get started.

You'll find a variety of different techniques for learning about trees and creating fun and interesting crafts from bark, leaves, and wood. Whether you're starting a wood collection or making a trivet, crafting a book cover or learning the meaning of "leaf skeleton," the crafts described on the following pages are enjoyable for kids of all ages.


Check out these great crafts:

Bark Casting

Bark casting is a way to capture an impression of tree bark. Find out how it's done.

Leaf Skeleton

No, a leaf doesn't have bones, but it does have a skeleton. Learn how to use it for a decoration.

Wood Collection

Every type of tree has a different pattern of wood. Check out how to start a collection.

Preserving Leaves

Preserved leaves have a beautiful bronze color. Find out how to create the look.

Leaf Batik

Learn to batik -- a centuries-old craft that uses wax and dye on fabric. Leaf shapes inspire the batik of this project.

Terrific Twig Trivet

Gather twigs from outside and make a twig trivet for your house. Find out how.

Leaf People

Plan a family outing and then create leaf people. See how to make them.

Start the fun with bark casting -- a way to capture the impression of tree bark. Keep reading to learn how.

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