Easy Outdoor Activities for Kids

Make a watering can.
Make a watering can.
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Why stay inside when you can enjoy easy outdoor activities for kids? There's plenty to do if you and the kids step outside on a nice day. Try drop-and-splat painting, create a bark rubbing, or build a fort. Capture bugs in a safe-release trap or offer frogs a moonlit ride on a homemade raft.

You won't need much time or energy for these easy activities, and most of the supplies you require are right inside your house. So pick an activity, grab the kids, and go out and have fun together!


Follow the links below to find step-to-step instructions for easy outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy:

Drop-and-Splat Painting

Try a messy but fun style of abstract art.

Sneaker Jumping Test

See how far you can jump in your favorite sneakers.

Spin and Balance Test

Learn how balance works with this addictive game.

Bark and Leaf Rubbings

Capture patterns from trees and leaves with this easy art craft.

Safe Bug Trap

Find out how to make a bug trap to catch insects without harming them.

Frog Raft

Launch a frog raft, and see if you get any amphibian passengers.

New Uses for Milk Jugs

Reuse milk jugs instead of throwing them away.

Experiments with Camouflage

Discover nature's disguises through camouflage.

Frog Hunt

Find out how to check a local pond to see if frogs are becoming extinct.

Making Forts

Try several ways to make easy, kid-friendly forts.

Fun in the Rain

Get wet and enjoy being outdoors on a rainy day with these activities.

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