Stamp and Stencil Crafts

Make a run-of-the-mill tuber into this Potato Printer Stamp!
Make a run-of-the-mill tuber into this Potato Printer Stamp!

Stamp and stencil crafts are fun for kids of all ages, and they don't cost a fortune to make. Did you know you and your kids can make your own ink stamps and stencils from everyday things like art gum erasers or potatoes?

Once you've made your stamps and stencils, the art crafts you can create are practically endless. Design your own greeting cards and invitations, decorate gift bags and wrapping paper, or add a personal touch to place mats, pillowcases, and other fabrics around the house.

Your kids are sure to come up with some really neat designs -- from geometrics and florals to their very own initials. You might even choose to host a stamp and stencil party to get all your kids' friends in on the fun!

Follow the links below to learn how your kids can have a blast making personalized stamps, stencils, and art crafts:

Art Gum Printer Stamp

Carve out personalized rubber stamps using simple art supplies.

Potato Printer Stamp

Amaze your kids by turning a pantry potato into a cool customized ink stamp.

Craft Foam Stamps

Create your own ink stamps to decorate cards, invitations, and more.

Custom Stencil Pillowcases

Design a special floral pillowcase to bid your child sweet dreams.

Keep reading to learn how your kids can make their own rubber stamps from simple art gum erasers.

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