Imaginative Crafts

Stretch and Wreck Cars can be any kind of auto you can imagine.
Stretch and Wreck Cars can be any kind of auto you can imagine.

Imaginative Crafts teach kids to bring their own imaginations to life. Develop artistic skills and encourage playful thought while you and your kids create crafts that you will cherish for years.

Choose a craft that sparks your child's imagination, and join in the activity yourself. You'll be surprised how much fun you can have.


On the following pages, you'll find imaginative crafts that give your kids a chance to express themselves and have fun while doing it.

Opposite Ads Craft

Make outrageous advertisements with your kids for funny products that you dream up together. Learn this imaginative craft.

The Newest State Craft

Inspire your kids to dream up their ideal state with this great imaginative craft. Create towns, tourist attractions, a state motto, and more.

Rebus Story Craft

Challenge your kids to tell a story with pictures with the Rebus Story Craft. Get great ideas about new ways to tell stories with this activity.

Big Box Bonanza Craft

Construct a pretend building with your kids with this imaginative craft. Learn how to turn an ordinary cardboard box into your ideal structure.

Stretch and Wreck Cars Craft

Make crazy cars of all shapes and sizes with your kids with the Stretch and Wreck Cars Craft. Build outrageous autos and then have fun playing.

Giant Dice Craft

Tired of losing your dice? When you and your kids make giant dice, you'll never have to hunt for them again.

A Grandparent's Story Craft

Get the whole family involved in an imaginative craft that you will treasure for generations. Teach your kids how to preserve a grandparent's memories.

Magic Wand Craft

Add some magic to your child's life -- teach them how to make their own magic wand. Get directions on how to make this imaginative craft.

Cut a Castle Craft

Learn how to make a castle out of a cake box. Stimulate your child's imagination working with them to create a magic kingdom.

Pretend Store Craft

Have a blast with your kids when your make the Pretend Store Craft. Decide what you'd like to sell, make your own money, and soon you'll be open for business.

Design a Menu Craft

Encourage your kids to design a menu from their imaginations. Would they serve silly food or real food? Find out when you participate in this activity together.

Ready to get started? the Opposite Ads Craft asks kids to dream up silly products and then advertise them. Learn this imaginative craft on the next page.

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