Easy Indoor Games for Kids

Feel something soft in the Feather Face-Off Game.
Feel something soft in the Feather Face-Off Game.
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Easy indoor games for kids can make a long afternoon seem shorter, a dreary day seem brighter, and complaints of boredom seem far away. Try the soft touch of the Feather Face-Off Games, board games like the Chaldean Board Game and file folder math games, or a shout-out activity like the Four Score Game. But that's not all. You'll also find collages and color activities, letter writing and graphing, and a trick to stump your kids' friends.

You'll find these games easy to play and fun for kids to make, using materials that you have around the house. The weather outside may be frightful, but why settle for boredom when you can all get together and have some indoor fun?


Follow the links below to find easy indoor games that you can play with kids:

Letter to a Favorite Author

Send a letter to a writer -- and see if you get one back.

Artful Number Collage

Use numbers from magazines to create colorful collages.

Feather Face-Off

Guess which soft touch comes from a feather.

Four Score Game

Find the most 4s to win this game.

Dollar Pick-up Trick

Discover why picking up a dollar may not be easy.

Mother Nature's Color Game

Match colors you find to those you see in nature.

File Folder Math Games

Create your own math board games to play and file away.

Chaldean Board Game

Make and play a modern version of an ancient game.

Penny Graph Game

Find out how old most pennies in circulation are.

Family Shoes Game

Select shoes to start a giving and sharing family exercise.

Do you have an author whose books you like best? Go to the next page to learn how you can write him or her a letter.

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