Nature Crafts

These nature crafts articles include simple activities that help kids learn about nature. Get ideas for entertaining and educational nature crafts.


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Crafting Nature Prints and Collages

Use some of the stuff from around the yard to create an artistic collage or print an homage to the great outdoors.

Tree Crafts for Kids

There's no better way to connect with nature than to get up close and personal with a tree -- and the tree crafts for kids found on the following pages are a great way to get started. Learn more about tree crafts for kids in this article.

Nature Projects for Kids

Try these nature projects for kids and gain an appreciation and understanding of our environment. Learn more about these nature projects for kids. With names such as a recycling project, star-gazing project, and an egg roll activity, you'll be sure to have tons of fun.

Nature Weaving Crafts for Kids

These nature weaving crafts for kids are ideal for children who are curious about weaving and art crafts. Try these nature weaving crafts and you'll see how easy they are to do.

Pine Cone Crafts for Kids

These crafts make the best use of what a pine tree has to offer. So why not get started and see if you have what it takes to make the best possible crafts from the pine tree's gifts in pine cone crafts for kids. Read this article to find out all the fun you can have with pine cones.

Rock and Mineral Activities for Kids

Try these rock and mineral activities for kids and learn more about all sorts of rocks. Learn more about these rock and mineral activities for kids. With titles such as semiprecious barrettes activity and rock paint activity, you'll be sure to have tons of rocky fun!

Tree Activities for Kids

From a tiny seed can grow an enormous tree. How does it happen? These fun tree activities for kids will reveal the many mysteries hidden in seeds and trees. They'll also remind you how important nature's giants really are.

Nature Craft Projects for Kids

Nature craft projects for kids are fun, and they will learn a lot, too! With titles such as Plaster Forever Fish, Apple Tree Centerpiece, and Seashell Box, you'll be sure to discover an entertaining nature craft. Learn to do all sorts of nature craft projects for kids in this article.

Environmental Activities for Kids

Environmental activities for kids let them help keep the Earth green. Try a neighborhood recycling program or tracking pollution on the streets to keep your neighborhood and the whole Earth safe from unnecessary garbage.

Nature Experiments for Kids

Our beautiful earth offers lots of nature experiments for kids and parents to enjoy. Learn how to make a toad shelter and how to play the whifflepoof trail game in this article. Learn more about nature experiments and activities for kids.

Nature Garden Activities for Kids

Nature garden activities can provide various exciting learning experiences. Plant a box garden, build a pumpkin tunnel, or grow carrots with nature garden activities for kids. Read this article for more fun nature garden activities.

Flower Crafts for Kids

Flower crafts for kids nurture their appreciation for flowers and teach kids about growth. Engage your child with these fun flower crafts for kids, such as drying flowers, taming wildflowers, and making potpourri.

Plant Activities for Kids

Plant activities for kids engage children in outdoor learning projects. Check out plant activities for kids, and get your children exploring today. With names such as plant a rainbow, bottle terrarium, and taste test garden, you'll be sure to have lots of fun.

Easy Nature Activities for Kids

Easy nature activities for kids take them outside to learn and have fun, from hollow logs, tree limbs and more. Learn easy nature activities for kids, such as counting tree rings, walking like animals, and how to make a grass whistle.