Canada Day Activities for Kids

Many citizens proudly fly the Canadian flag
Many citizens proudly fly the Canadian flag

Participating in Canada Day activities for kids is a fun way to spend the first day of July. The holiday is a celebration of Canada's creation, history, and traditions and marks the date in 1867 when the British North America Act 1867 (or Constitution Act) made official Canada's status of a self-governing dominion.

In this article, you'll discover exciting games and activities that show off your Canadian pride. Check out the following pages for more Canada Day fun!

Red and White Game

Show how well you know the colors of Canada's flag with this fun memory game. Discover how fast you can remember everything that's red and white.

Maple Leaf Toss

Use your old socks to play this maple leaf toss game in honor of Canada Day. Rack up the points by getting the most "maple leafs" in a box without tipping it over.

Test your knowledge of colors of your flag with a fun red and white game in honor of Canada's flag.

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