May Day Crafts

Make a flowery homage to Hawaii.
Make a flowery homage to Hawaii.

May Day crafts welcome spring into your home. The holiday falls on the first day of May and is a celebration of the reappearance of flowers in the spring. Countries all over the world celebrate this holiday in different ways, and many people celebrate by making crafts to exchange with their friends and neighbors. Flowers are frequently used in the different activities and crafts.

In Hawaii, people exchange leis. In other places, maypoles are decorated with streamers, carried in a parade, and then people dance around them while singing.


The most common May Day custom is to secretly leave a basket of flowers or other small gifts on a neighbor's doorknob or doorstep.

In this article, you'll find ways to celebrate May Day with fun activities and crafts. Explore the following pages for more May Day fun.

Glorious Garlands

Guests at May Day festivities usually wear a crown of green leaves with flowers in their hair. Learn how to make a garland for your celebration.

May Day Baskets

Surprise your neighbors with a May Day basket of flowers. Check out this page to learn how to create a beautiful basket.

Robin Hood Hats

Celebrate May Day just as the Merry Men would. This page will show you how to make a fun hat for your celebration.

May Day Hoops

Invite your friends to a race. Children used to have hoop races on May Day -- now you can, too! Learn about everything you will need to make your race a success.

Nine Men's Morris

This is one of the most popular May Day games in England -- now you and your friends can play -- check out this page to learn how to construct and play the game.

May Day Colorful Lei

May "Day-sy" Frame

This frame makes a great May Day gift. This page will explain how to make and decorate this flowery frame.

May Day Flower Cone

Surprise a neighbor or friend with a lovely May Day flower gift. Learn how to make this decorative flower cone.

May Day Garland

Celebrate the arrival of spring with one of these flower crowns. Just follow the easy instructions to make your own flowery May Day garland.

May Day is a special holiday to honor the return of spring. Continue to the next page to learn how to create and decorate a glorious garland to wear at your May Day celebration.

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