April Fools Day Crafts

Create an unusual invitation for a silly party.
Create an unusual invitation for a silly party.

On April Fool's Day, pranksters play practical jokes on family, friends and neighbors in order to embarrass those silly enough to believe it. With April Fool's Day crafts, you can find new ways to prank your family and friends.

Silly Party

Host your very own April Fool's Day bash, filled with games and snacks that will trick all your guests. Learn how to put your party together with items you can find in your house.

Wiggle-Woggle Balloon

Balloons are fun any day of the year, but particularly on April Fool's Day. Learn how a simple trick can turn balloons into a game.

April Fool's Can

An April Fool's Day trick that defies the laws of physics -- show your family and friends what a magician you are with this simple coffee can prank.

Foot Juggling Ball

Learn a foot juggling act for April Fool's Day and have fun playing with your friends and family. See who can keep the ball in the air the longest.

Get the party started for April Fool's Day. Learn how to organize a fun-filled bash with activities and jokes that are perfect for this fun day.

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