Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas crafts for kids are one of the best ways to keep kids busy and entertained during "cabin fever" season -- winter! During this special time of the year, many important religious holidays happen, such as Christmas and Hanukkah, and other important events are remembered at this time also, like Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday.

In this article, you will find nearly two dozen Christmas crafts projects. We guarantee you'll be sure to find something fun and exciting to do indoors on a cold, snowy, or rainy day. And you'll learn new things!


Christmas Card Panorama

This is a creative way to recycle all of your old Christmas cards. Use the art, colors, and shapes from Christmas cards to create a pleasing panoramic scene.

Indoor Snowperson

This snowperson won't melt because it's made from materials you would never think to use! Kids will have fun creating this jolly creature.

Dancing Sugar Plum Fairies

These fairies will provide hours of fun for kids. After making them, kids can watch them dance around!

Sugar Plum Fairy Pillowcases

These are the perfect accessory for kids on Christmas Eve -- and they're a cinch to make with our easy instructions.

"Exploding" Party Favors

The party favors on this page are great fun to make, but watching them explode with candy is even more fun for kids.

Elf-Friend Pins

Elf-Friends are so adorable that everyone will want one.

Frankincense Jars

Add an even sweeter smell to the wonderful smells of the Christmas holiday.

Wrapping Paper Maker

There's nothing more creative than wrapping gifts with paper you made yourself.

Gift-Wrapped Door

Decorate the home for Christmas. Kids will enjoy this challenging, yet rewarding crafts project!

Take-One Plate Decoration

This is lots of fun to create, but kids will also enjoy hanging them just right.

Water Glass Carols

Create that perfect tune on Christmas day. Kids will have fun mixing colors and creating tunes.

Christmas Pocket Pixie

What better way to celebrate the holiday than with clay! Kids will learn how to make a smiling Christmas pocket pixie in just a few easy steps.

Glittering Gift Jewelry

Kids will enjoy learning how to make these sparkling creations.

Santa's Story

Learn a creative way for kids to collaborate and write a silly story about Santa. Why not write in front of the Christmas tree over milk and cookies?

Peek Inside Christmas Tree

This project is a treat for kids looking to create something unique for Christmas. The gifts are inside!

Santa Switchplate

This project is easy (and fun) to make with our simple steps. What's even more fun is switching Santa on and off -- by tickling his belly!

Christmas Tree Shirt

You don't have to buy a Christmas tree shirt this holiday season. In this section, kids will learn how to create their very own!

Snow Buddy Pencil Topper

Kids can turn just about any pencil into a snow buddy with a few standard art supplies and in just a few simple steps.

Band: Jingle Bells

Want to hear the sounds of Christmas anytime the feeling hits you? Go to this page to learn how to make your own jingle bell bracelet.

Pop-Up Holiday Card

Everyone likes pop-up art. This section will show kids how to make pop-up cards for just about any holiday.

Curly Paper Art

Decorating the house with ornaments and garland is always fun, but creating curly paper art can be even more fun for kids. In this section, learn how to make elegant curly paper art with our simple instructions.

Soft Reindeer Toy

This project is for kids that love to play with reindeer year-round. With an old sock and a few items from around the house, you'll have a soft, cuddly reindeer to snuggle with in no time!

St. Nick Storybook

Do you think you have what it takes to make up your own Christmas story? Learn how to make a St. Nick storybook and then fill it with your own story -- you can even use family and friends as characters!

Tubular Tree

This tubular tree is easy to make and is sure to make your house more festive this holiday season.

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