Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Kids doing Halloween crafts
Kids will love decorating for Halloween Fotostorm/Getty Images


Costumes, candy, spooky decorations -- Halloween has everything a kid could ever want. Celebrated on October 31 every year, it's the perfect holiday for kids to show their creative side. So, get out your broomsticks (or paint brushes) and a cauldron of paint and you'll be ready for these fun and easy Halloween crafts for kids.

Check out the following pages for more information on frighteningly fun activities that you can create using materials you already have at home.

Spiderweb Pictures

Decorate your windows and doors with detailed spiderweb pictures that will have you and your guests crawling with excitement.

Halloween Mural

Get all your friends and family together to help with a Halloween mural that tells the story of this spooky holiday.

Trick-or-Treat Jug

Create your very own trick-or-treat jug to match your costume and fill with lots of candy.

Woven Pumpkin

Make your very own pumpkin patch with these simple instructions for beautiful woven pumpkins.

Candy Skeleton

Follow these instructions to make your candy skeleton -- a "bone"-a-fide treat for Halloween.

Halloween Ornaments

Decorate the trees around your house with eerie Halloween ornaments that will look like you're in the witches forest.

Halloween Hello

Say "boo!" with Halloween greeting cards you can make and decorate yourself.

Monster Magnet

Start your very own monster bash with these monster magnets that are perfect for Halloween.

Halloween Mobile

Add an eerie touch to your house this Halloween with this mobile.

Get your easy Halloween crafts for kids crawling with fanciful spiderweb pictures. Learn how easy it is to create this indoor Halloween decoration that you can enjoy all season long.

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