Kwanzaa Crafts

My Kwanzaa Family.
My Kwanzaa Family.

Making Kwanzaa crafts for kids is a great way to pass time while you wait for the holiday celebrations to begin.

Kwanzaa is a holiday that celebrates the cultural heritage of African-Americans. It focuses on aspects of the strong tribal traditions of African culture, and is celebrated with various ceremonies and activities that take place during the last week of the year.

It was first celebrated in 1966 when Californian Ron Karenga wanted to give his fellow African-Americans a holiday that did not have its origins in European or white culture.

Find inspiration and learn about great Kwanzaa craft projects in this article.

  • Barotse Bowl: This bowl is inspired by the traditional crafts of the Barotse tribe in Zimbabwe.
  • Egg-citing Safari: Learn how to make a colorful centerpiece with African animals made from eggshells.
  • African Gold Weights: These African animal figurines were once used as currency -- now you can make them just for fun.
  • Kwanzaa Bag: Make a rustic bag for all your Kwanzaa decorations, or give it away as a present.
  • Sign My Kwanzaa Tablecloth: Start a wonderful tradition this year that embraces all of your loved ones.
  • Animal Cracker Magnets: You probably already have fun playing with animal crackers before you eat them, so why not use them to decorate your fridge?
  • Animal Anklet: Find out how to make tiny little animal beads and use them to create anklets for the holidays.
  • My Kwanzaa Family: Show everyone how much your family means to you by making this lovely project.
  • Kwanzaa Calendar: Make a calendar to help you keep track of the fun to come during the seven days of Kwanzaa.
  • Kwanzaa Party Favors: It's easy to make a little something for your guests to take home from your party. Learn more here.
  • Kwanzaa Candle Surprise: These faux candles light up the holidays.
  • Tie-Dye Party Napkins: Make special napkins for your Kwanzaa celebration.
  • Woven Kwanzaa Mat: It is not difficult at all to weave this symbol of history.

The first project has its roots in the African Barotse-tribe and their traditional crafts. Learn how to make a genuine Barotse bowl.

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