Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

Create a patriotic pencil for the Fourth of July.
Create a patriotic pencil for the Fourth of July.

Fourth of July means picnics, parades, getting together with family and friends, and most of all, fireworks -- but it also means keeping the little ones busy with Fourth of July crafts for kids. It's great to spend a warm summer day playing games, eating good food, and watching the display in the sky at night.

But the Fourth of July -- or Independence Day, as it's also known -- is more than just sparklers and hot dogs. As you probably know, it's the official anniversary of the signing of the the United States' Declaration of Independence.


The Fourth of July has been celebrated since 1776, but it wasn't until many, many years later -- in 1941 -- that it was declared a legal holiday. Today, whether we celebrate with our families or the entire community, most of us will agree that the Fourth is a star-spangled holiday.

In this article you'll find ways to celebrate the Fourth of July with many different activities and games. Check out the following pages for all the Fourth of July fun.

Independent Noses

It's recognition -- by a nose. See if you can tell whose nose is poking through the hole.

Flag Windsock

What's another way to recycle plastic bags? Try making a windsock -- just what you need for a holiday celebration.

Fight for Independence Game

It's a bit like checkers -- with a Fourth of July twist. Choose up sides and have a blast.

Watermelon Slush

When the weather turns hot, a refreshing drink really hits the spot. Perfect for a Fourth of July picnic, watermelon slush hits the spot.

Flying High Rocket

Launch a rocket in your own backyard. It's safe and fun.

Yankee Doodle Bell Game

Pretend you're Yankee Doodle, riding on a pony, in a bean-bag toss game.

Patriotic Wiggle Stars

Stars never tasted so good. Make a gelatin treat for your Fourth of July party.

United States Celery

Is your celery patriotic? It can be. Find out how.

Patriotic Eyeglasses

Try looking at the world through patriotic eyeglasses. Make them yourself by following the easy instructions.

Festive Fireworks T-Shirt

With a little help from an adult, you can create your own fireworks on a shirt you can wear.

Stars and Stripes Pencil Wrap

Dress up your pencils -- it's a great Fourth of July idea. Your pencils never looked so patriotic.

Fireworks Picture

A little paper ... a little glue ... a little foil. That's all you need to create an amazing fireworks picture.

Patriotic Collage

Express your patriotism by making a collage. We have tips to get you started.


Who doesn't like fireworks? You can create a glittery version with a simple and entertaining project.

Patriotic T-Shirt

Show off your love for your country with this cool T-shirt.

Uncle Sam's Hat

Uncle Sam wants you... for the awesome hat you'll make in this craft.

Ready for some Fourth of July fun? Grab a paintbrush, an old sheet -- and your family and friends. The following game will determine who "nose" who.

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