Children's Day Crafts

Children's Day crafts are the perfect way to celebrate Children's Day. Universal Children's Day was started in 1954 when the UN General Assembly recommended that all countries establish a Children's Day as a way to promote the welfare of children around the world.

Countries celebrate Children's Day on different days throughout the year. In the United States, it is celebrated the second Sunday in October, the day after Parent's Day.


Celebrate this Children's Day with one of the fun crafts, activities, or games below.

Faces of the World Necklace

Recognize children from all cultures with this international piece of jewelry.

Famous Children Game

See how many famous children you and your friends really know.

Slamming Caps Game

International Doll Collection

Learn about different cultures when you make these tiny dolls.

Magnet Movie Theater

Carp Kite

Celebrate Children's Day Japanese style with this traditional kite.

Kid Talk

Learn how to put on this special talk show that is for kids, made by kids, and about kids.

New Child Welcome Tray

Welcome new children into this world by giving their parents this thoughtful gift.

Start this Children's Day with a faces of the world necklace. Everyone will want to know about your international jewelry. Keep reading to learn how.

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