Christmas Activities

Christmas activities for kids, like decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping gifts, and preparing a feast, are just a few of the things that make this holiday season so special. If you want to add a special touch to your gifts, and even to your home this holiday season, why not make your own gifts, games, and decorations from scratch?

In this Christmas activities article you'll learn how to create special Christmas arts and crafts with our simple instructions. Check out the following pages for more on fun Christmas activities and crafts!


Christmas Card Mobile

Adults and kids will have to join forces to create the perfect Christmas card mobile that just may be the main attraction this Christmas. Go to this page to learn how to make this home decoration.

Peanutty Pine Cones

Have fun making these edible Christmas treats and help feed the birds at the same time.

Rainbow in the Snow

In this section, kids will learn how to transform a white yard into an eye-popping colorful yard. All it takes are a few average art supplies and a few items from the kitchen. Learn more now!

Snow Mobile

Kids can have their cake and eat it too. Learn how to make a snow mobile and have winter indoors and out!

Christmas Seals

This Christmas activity will help bring families closer together. With mom and dad's help, kids can create their very own homemade Christmas stickers.

Santa's Bag Game

This Christmas activity will keep kids busy as they create their very own homemade Christmas seals.

Santa Salad

This Santa salad creation will fill the belly and warm the heart. Ask mom for help with this one!

Keepsake Quilts

After making these keepsake quilts, kids can hang them on the door or on the wall and watch them grow year after year.

Puzzle Wreath

There's something quite puzzling about this Christmas activity. This crafty little wreath is made out of (what else?) -- puzzle pieces!

Soda Straw Loom Bookmark

This Christmas activity will teach kids how to make a soda straw loom bookmark for that special reader in their life. Go to this section to get started.

Christmas Card Puzzles

This Christmas activity will keep them guessing. Learn how to make Christmas card puzzles that every family member will enjoy!

Snowy Christmas Cake House

Kids will have a heck of a time making this sweet treat -- and even more fun eating it. Be sure to take a picture before this cake house disappears!

Walnut Brittle

The smell of vanilla and toasty walnuts will fill the air during this delightful Christmas activity. Read this section to learn how to make warm walnut brittle.

Party Mints

Ever wonder how they make those tiny party mints? This Christmas activity will show you how. Go to this page to get started!

Santa Light

Learn how to make a Santa light and brighten up just about any space -- or object -- in the house this Christmas.

Wheel of Measure

This Christmas activity will involve the entire family. Quiz mom and dad about odd facts about the home!

Secret Santa

Gather up those old toys and make them new again for your special Secret Santa mission. Read this page to find out how to get started.

"Lighten Up" Nail Decorations

It takes skill and a steady hand to create these nail decorations. Read this page to learn how to paint your nails -- with toothpicks!

"Cool Dude" Nail Decorations

These nail decorations will be a hit with tweens and teens this Christmas. Go to this page to learn how to make the coolest of the cool nail decorations!

Holiday Place Settings

Decorate your holiday table with these festive and easy-to-make holiday place settings.

Caroling Party

Nothing shows Christmas spirit like some good old-fashioned caroling. Host a party centered around singing holiday tunes.

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