Plant Activities for Kids

Have fun with what's your name? and other plant activities for kids!
Have fun with what's your name? and other plant activities for kids!
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Plant activities for kids get children outdoors to explore the natural world. Many of these activities are inexpensive and easy to do but will engage your child in the wonders of learning. These activities are just the beginning for curious children!

Start planting with these fun plant activities for kids:


What's Your Name?

Find out how to grow a garden in the shape of a name, and learn which flower works best for this purpose.

Nature's Perfume

Everyone knows that flowers smell wonderful, but did you know that plants smell lovely, too? Find out which plant smells like peppermint or lemon.

Plant a Rainbow

Coordinate your flowers by color and you can plant a rainbow in your garden.

Bottle Terrarium

Find out how to make a home for your houseplants out of an old, recycled pop bottle.

Popcorn Plants

You can grow a popcorn plant from kernels just like the ones you eat at the movies.

Grass Flowers

Do grasses have flowers? Find out the answer in this fun activity.

Taste Test Garden

When is the best time to harvest your garden vegetables? Why not let your taste buds tell you?

Spell your name in living blooms with the plant activity for kids on the next page.

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