Nature Experiments for Kids

Play the whifflepoof trail game
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Our beautiful earth offers countless nature experiments for kids to enjoy. Get outdoors with your family and breathe in the fresh air. Play with the dirt, rocks, and sand -- all the natural elements kids love to dig into!

Your children will quickly discover the outdoors is not only a fun place to play, but the place where animals make their homes and plants and trees grow. You'll all find out that there's a lot more to see and do outside than you thought!

Follow the links below to find nature experiments that will give your kids a whole new appreciation of the great outdoors.

Toad Shelter

Turn a broken flower pot or bowl into a backyard observatory for little croakers.

Whifflepoof Trail Game

Use a small log and nails to make a whifflepoof, then put your kids' tracking skills to the test.

Keep reading to learn how your family can create a simple flower pot shelter for your friendly neighborhood toads.

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