Nature Garden Activities for Kids

©2007 Publications International, Ltd.                                      Plant a family flag flower bed.
©2007 Publications International, Ltd. Plant a family flag flower bed.
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Discover the mysteries hidden in seeds, flowers, and plants with these great nature garden activities for kids. From a tiny seed an enormous tree or a gorgeous flower can grow. Show your kids how it happens!

Try some of these gardening activities to grow flowers of your own and use them to make lovely art projects. Or turn your family garden into a fun place for kids to play by growing a bean tent or a pumpkin tunnel.


Follow the links below to find fun, educational nature garden activities for kids the whole family can enjoy. Let's get growing!

Box Garden

Turn an empty grocer's crate into a mini vegetable garden.

Garden of Good Scents

Plant a garden of flowers, herbs, and sweet-smelling plants to delight the senses.

Root View Box

Watch how plants grow up out of the soil and into the ground.

Onion or Garlic Braids

Create a decorative braid of onion or garlic bulbs to hang in the kitchen.

Carrot Basket

Make a mini hanging plant basket out of a cored carrot or parsnip.

Grow Carrots

Learn how you can use carrot tops to sprout your very own carrot garden.

Bean Tent

Grow a shady summer playhouse out of beanstalks.

Pumpkin Tunnel

Construct an arched play tunnel from climbing pumpkin plants and mesh.

Vegetable Planting Chart

Learn the planting and growing seasons of your favorite garden crops.

Grow a Pizza

Grow a garden full of tomatoes, veggies, and herbs to top your homemade pizzas.

Beanstalk Village

Create a fantasy garden village for your kids' plastic play figures.

Family Flag Flower Bed

Plant flowers in the design of your family crest or the American flag.

Seed Collection

Learn how to collect and save tiny treasures from flowers, berries, and trees.

Seed Bank

Grow plants from soil collected at the forest, meadow, or any natural area.

Keep reading to learn how your kids can grow tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and more -- all in an empty wooden fruit crate.

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