Rock and Mineral Activities for Kids

Make a wonderful garden with crystals!
Make a wonderful garden with crystals!
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The rock and mineral activities for kids you will find in this article are geared toward children that enjoy art crafts and working with rocks and minerals. Certain rocks and minerals can be fascinating to look at, and a whole lot of fun to use to create crafts.

There are plenty of great ideas in rock and mineral activities for kids, but there is also a little leeway for you to use your own imagination when you feel like it.

Rock Paint Activity

Learn how to make paint by only using rocks. Try our rock paint activity and see how this paint is made.

Sandstone Carving Activity

Early man used to carve into sandstone to keep a daily record of activities. Learn how to master this ancient technique with our sandstone carving activity.

Semiprecious Barrettes Activity

Create a barrette that will surely stand out of a crowd. Try our semiprecious barrettes activity and make a unique barrette that will remembered for a long time to come.

Birthstone Activity

Do you know what your birthstone is? Find out today with our birthstone activity.

Crystal Garden Activity

Try our crystal garden activity and make a garden without need for any seeds or plants. The crystal garden used to be a favorite of youngsters during the Depression.

Gold Panning Activity

Want to strike it rich? Learn how to do just that with our gold panning activity.

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