Nature Craft Projects for Kids

Make a sparkling stained glass ornament.
Make a sparkling stained glass ornament.
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Kids love learning about the world around them and making their own crafts. How about combining these two activities? The nature craft projects for kids in this article do just that.

The projects listed below include crafts that will encourage kids to think about the natural world around them in new ways. For instance, the spore prints project teaches kids how mushrooms reproduce while they are making beautiful prints they can hang on their bedroom wall.


Find instructions for these projects and more in the links that follow:

Spore Prints

Watch nature create its own artwork by making spore prints with mushrooms.

Apple Tree Centerpiece

Appreciate the beauty of fresh apples by making this centerpiece for your table.

Make a Plant Press

With this plant press, you can dry flowers to use in many nature projects and crafts.

Do-It-Yourself Fossils

Imitate the fossilization process by making realistic-looking fossils out of clay and plaster.

Fire-Starting Pine Cones

Nothing says, "autumn," like the smell of a fire crackling in the fireplace and the classic scent of pine cones. With this nature craft, you can enjoy both of these aromas together.

Seashell Box

Like an oyster holding a beautiful pearl, this hinged seashell box is the perfect place for your child to store their treasures.

Nature Diorama

Create the natural paradise of your dreams when you make your own nature diorama.

Grass Prints

Try out a new printing medium -- grasses! Believe or not, but you can make beautiful and interesting patterns using grass.

Beach in a Bottle

With this craft, you can save a bit of summer in a bottle to look at all year long.

Plaster Forever Fish

You can't save your prize fish forever, but you make a plaster replica to save as a memento with this craft project.

Sparkling Stained Glass

Use dried flowers to make a beautiful glass ornament that gives the impression of stained glass.

Fun-Loving Forest Elves

Learn how to make cute little elves and their hedgehog companions out of natural materials.

Keep reading to learn about the first of the projects: spore prints!

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