Paper Crafts

Paper Crafts at HowStuffWorks is your destination for fun crafts made from paper. Kids will enjoy making masks, hats, baskets and other paper crafts.

Have ordinary household boxes on hand? Turn them into extraordinary things with box crafts. Find several wonderful kids' box crafts in this article.

Paper bookmarks are simple kids' crafts that encourage creativity and reward reading. Create fun paper bookmarks and a bookworm buddy reading log.

Paper purse crafts make it easy to create a purse of your own, no stitching or leather required. Read on to learn how to create stunning paper crafts.

Learn how to make paper dolls for any occasion. Get great ideas for fun, festive dolls that will brighten any child's day without breaking the bank.

Create paper masks that can be worn or displayed as works of art. Kids will love these creations. Find out more about making paper masks.

Looking for fun, inexpensive kids' crafts? Learn how to make fantastic paper puppets and shoe box theaters with supplies found around the house.

You can make a variety of paper hats from paper bags, paper plates, or newspaper -- a fun craft for adults and kids. Learn how to make paper hats.

Make candy-filled pinatas for your next party. Find how-to instructions and photos that will help you make festive pinatas, a fun craft for kids.

You'll be the coolest one in the room after you make paper fans, which can be inexpensively made. Learn more about how to make paper fans for kids.

Construct paper jewelry boxes for kids to house all of your precious valuables and treasures. Learn more about how to make paper jewelry boxes.

Gather together some friends and family and construct these truly tree-mendous paper tree crafts. Learn more about how to make paper trees.

You and your friends can soar to new heights by constructing and launching your own paper helicopters. Learn more about how to make paper helicopters.

Learn how to make paper costumes for kids. Egg cartons can become a jeweled crown or a pair of creepy eyes. Learn more about paper costumes for kids.

Learn how to make paper for kids using an age-old technique. It's a great way to recycle, and you can emboss it, too! Learn more about how to make paper.

Paper instruments make music lively. Learn to make a banjo box, a small toy drum and a musical bell shaker, all fast and easy crafts for kids.

A paper lantern is an easy craft project for kids. Learn how you can make to make a fast and easy glowing lantern or paper bag luminary.

It's fun to make stationery and paper crafts with materials found around the house. Show your kids how to make cards, envelopes, diaries, and more.

Find a place for pencils, paper clips, or other desktop necessities with paper desk organizers. Learn more about how to make paper desk organizers.

Make paper card holders -- attractive boxes that hold your treasures. Find out how to make paper card holders for yourself, or as a gift.