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The Home Crafts channel offers a variety of DIY projects for your home. Find ways to creatively enhance your surroundings and celebrate family life here.

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Easy Outdoor Team Games for Kids

Easy outdoor team games for kids help kids develop social skills while exercising their bodies and minds. The games found in this article include some old-fashioned favorites that are just as much fun today as they were when kids first played them years ago.

Easy Indoor Activities for Kids

Easy indoor activities for kids turn a boring afternoon into a learning adventure. Learn these easy indoor activities for kids at HowStuffWorks.

Easy Fitness Activities for Kids

Easy fitness activities for kids are a fun challenge to get kids in shape. Learn about various fun and easy fitness activities for kids, with names such as Jumping Jack Flash, Milk Bottle Workout, and Hike and Hunt at HowStuffWorks.

Easy Gardening Activities for Kids

Easy Gardening Activities for Kids are educational and fun, and let kids get creative in the garden. Learn about Easy Gardening Activities For Kids, such as these ones - Pineapple Party, Plant Your Socks, and Floral Advertising.

Easy Art Projects for Kids

These easy art projects for kids make family time fun time. Learn how to make family trees, herb collages, magazine mosaics and many more easy art projects for kids.

Easy Beach Activities for Kids

With easy beach activities for kids, a day at the beach can be both fun and educational. Learn more about easy beach activities for kids.

Easy Beach Crafts for Kids

When you and your child make beach crafts, like seaweed art, you can enjoy the beach everyday. Get details on how to make easy beach crafts for kids.

Easy Outdoor Crafts for Kids

Looking for easy outdoor crafts for kids? Learn how to make recycled container instruments, cattail place mats, and more easy outdoor crafts for kids.

Easy Indoor Games for Kids

Easy indoor games for kids fight boredom by providing something fun to play. Learn about board games, math games and more that teach and entertain, such as the four score game, penny graph game, and family shoes game.

Easy Outdoor Games for Kids

Easy outdoor games for kids capture imaginations and keep feet moving. Try easy outdoor games for kids like the boot hill game, drive-by fiction, hit the coin game and many more.

Easy Music Activities for Kids

These easy music activities for kids make it simple to make music on homemade instruments. Learn more about these easy musical activities and instruments for kids.

Easy Outdoor Activities for Kids

Easy outdoor activities for kids include crafts, nature fun, art projects, and rainy day games. Learn more about easy outdoor activities for kids, such as safe bug trapping, frog hunting, and making a frog raft.

Easy Outdoor Gardening Activities For Kids

Easy outdoor gardening activities for kids use simple ideas to introduce gardening skills. Learn more about easy outdoor gardening activities for kids, such as plant buddies and wagon planter.

Easy Homemade Craft Gifts for Kids

Easy homemade craft gifts for kids use imagination and craft supplies to make gifts from the heart. Learn to make easy homemade craft gifts for kids, with crafts such as Healing Herbs, Beauty in a Bottle, and Earth Pencils.

Easy Animal Activities For Kids

Learning about nature is fun with these easy animal activities for kids. Learn all sorts of easy animal activities for kids at HowStuffWorks.

Easy Indoor Crafts for Kids

Easy indoor crafts for kids bring plenty to do on a dull day. Find out about easy indoor crafts for kids, such as a small box puzzle, exploding glider, and keepsake ornaments to make alone or with friends.

Indoor Nature Crafts for Kids

Exploring nature doesn't have to take you and your children into the wilderness. Check out these educational indoor nature crafts for kids.

Photo Crafts and Activities

Photographs are fun to make and display, but they're even better when you personalize them. Get ideas for creatively decorating and accenting photographs in this article. Say cheese!

Sewing Crafts

You can make a limitless number of crafty projects with needle and thread or a sewing machine. Check out this article for simple sewing crafts using both techniques. Each has step-by-step instructions to help you along.

Soap Crafts

These delightful soap craft sculptures can help turn routine hand washing into an amusing game for your kids. Soap crafts for kids includes how to make your own homemade soaps. Check out this article for a helpful formula to make your own soaps.

Stamp and Stencil Crafts

No need to go to the art supply store -- you and your child can make any shape of stamp you want with ordinary household objects like potatoes or erasers. Check out these ideas for stamp and stencil projects.

Ribbon Crafts

Ribbons are pretty, inexpensive and versatile. And you may be surprised by what can be made with only a few strings. These ribbon crafts are each explained in detail and include pictures to help you see what the final craft should look like.

Water Color Paint Crafts

Watercolor paining is fun, but it's also an involved project. The good thing is that your child will do more than just paint, he or she will improve coordination, learn to think creatively and develop an increased attention span. Try these projects for new ideas.

Wood Crafts

Carpentry is certainly not child's play, but with a little help and guidance, kids can complete small woodworking projects. Read this article for tips and step-by-step instructions that will get their creative fires burning.

Pencil Art Crafts

Art supply stores are filled with all kinds of pencils, from basic charcoal to some that even look like watercolor! Get your child thinking creatively with these simple tools. We've got great project ideas right here!