Animal Crafts

These animal crafts articles contain a wide variety of animal crafts and activities for kids. Find crafts relating to your child's favorite animal.

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Animal Crafts

Whether it's a day at the zoo or an afternoon spent exploring the backyard, kids love learning about animals. From bears to bugs, kids love animals, and they'll love the animal crafts in this article. Find step-by-step directions for great animal crafts.

Ant Activities

Kids who are curious about science, animals, or insects will love trying these ant activities. From an easy-to-build ant farm to a set of experiments you can conduct in your own backyard, these activities open up a world of fun and spark a love for learning.

Bee Activities

If you're looking for fun, educational projects for the animal-loving kids in your life, make a beeline for the activities in this article. Find step-by-step instructions for bee activities that kids will love.

Bird Crafts

Birds are a delight to spot in nature, with their gorgeous, vivid colors and graceful shapes. The bird craft projects in this article capture some of that beauty with crafts that are not only lovely, but simple and fun to make, too.

Butterfly Crafts

Butterfly crafts for kids let kids express their inner artistry through the beauty of nature. Learn nine creative butterfly crafts that are fun, educational and will have your whole family abuzz with activity.

Monkey Balloon Animal

Sculpting a monkey balloon animal for kids isn't as difficult as it looks. You just need to know a few of the basics. Learn the techniques and see pictures on how to make a monkey balloon animal.

Snail Activities

They may not be the fastest creatures on the planet, but snails are a fascinating species to study. Whether you are on a camping trip, in a city park or in your own backyard, here are several fun snail activities to teach you about this interesting animal.

Snake Activities

The snake activities on the following pages offer a number of fun ways to learn more about these fascinating creatures. You'll also get great craft ideas so that you can make snakes to impress your family and friends.

Spider Activities

They're creepy and crawly -- do you have the courage to learn more about spiders in these spider activities? On the following pages, you'll learn spider activities that will teach you more about the bugs themselves and the webs they weave.

Moose Activities

What's it like to be a moose? You can pretend to be one by making antlers or learn about moose by making a moose balloon animal for kids. Have fun and learn about moose with these activities.

Moth Activities

You may think of a moth as just another annoying bug, but taking a closer look at moths can be very interesting. A moth is related to the butterfly, and some are just as pretty. Learn more about moths with moth activities for kids.

Mouse Activities

Mice have been around since ancient times -- they are thought to be among the oldest mammals. Check out these mouse activities and learn how to make a mouse balloon animal and how to spot signs of a mouse near the house.

Octopus Crafts

An octopus is well known for its eight legs, but did you know that it has three hearts? Learn more about the octopus and follow these easy instructions for sculpting an octopus balloon animal and making silly sea creatures.

Pet Crafts

Pets play an important role in our lives. Explore these fun crafts for pet lovers and learn how to make button covers, food baskets and a piggy bank. Find out more about pet crafts.

Frog Crafts and Activities

Frog crafts and activities will have kids hopping with excitement. Despite what some frogs may tell you, these fun kids crafts will have you thinking it's easy being green. Learn about five fun frog crafts and activities.

Ladybug Crafts for Kids

Making crafts that resemble these colorful beetles is a cheerful way to spend a day. From watching ladybugs eat to painting your toenails in red and black, there are lots of simple ways to re-create the ladybug's unique look.

Rabbit Activities

Rabbit activities are a great way to liven up play time. Whether you're looking for a festive way to celebrate Easter or just trying to have some rainy day fun, rabbit crafts, like the rabbit hat and nose, are the way to go.

Cat Crafts

Cat crafts for kids are a fun way to celebrate your furry friends or get in touch with your feline side. Learn how to make catnip toys, toy cat balloons and other cat crafts for kids.

Bear Crafts and Activities

Polar bears, teddy bears, panda bears -- everyone loves bears, and there's plenty about bears to love. These bear crafts and activities are creative, fun projects for bear lovers and craft fans alike. Get started with these bear crafts.

Raccoon Activity

Want to learn more about raccoons? When you try this raccoon activity, you are sure to better understand how these clever animals live. Read about raccoon activity that will help kids enjoy their next nature hike.

Dog Activities

On a sunny day or a rainy afternoon, there's always a way to celebrate canines with dog activities. From quizzes and puzzles to a neighborhood parade, the dog activities in this article will give you a chance to celebrate your love of dogs.

Environmental Activities

Whether you enjoy getting your hands dirty or prefer researching your surroundings inside away from mud, there's an environmental activity here for you. So dig in the dirt or dig into a book, and let's start saving our planet.

Fish Crafts

You don't have to live near the ocean to have some fishy fun. With fish crafts our scaled and finned friends don't have to spend all their time behind glass. Fish can swim on clothes, dangle from mobiles, or even fly on a kite.

Dinosaur Crafts

You might not be able to discover dinosaur bones in your own backyard, but dinosaur crafts for kids will give you a chance to explore history. From making your own fossils to creating an origami dinosaur, there's plenty to keep you entertained.

Butterfly Activities

Butterfly activities offer great ways for kids to understand and appreciate the butterfly, one of nature's most beautiful insects. Learn how to make a caterpillar hatchery, butterfly net, butterfly balloon and more.