Wedding Planning Tips

Sometimes a few tips from a pro are all you need to get back on the right track. Get your wedding planning organized with the advice in these articles.

The marriage of the Internet and the wedding industry has been a match made in heaven — you can plan your entire wedding without leaving your couch.

Avoid these wedding blunders to come across as the cool, confident bride you really are!

Now that you're married, do you miss wearing white so much it's making you blue? Does the absence of the day-to-day stress of planning a wedding make you want to crawl back in bed? If so, you probably have a serious case of wedding withdrawal.

Being a bridesmaid is an honor, but it's also a tactical support function that requires some very practical behavior on your part.

There are four amazing seasons in a year, and celebrating the one that resonates with you can help you choose your wedding's theme, color scheme, food and more. We'll help you decide if you're a warm-weather or cool-weather bride!

Despite the lengthy, detailed planning that goes into a wedding, sometimes there are missteps, mishaps -- even major disasters.

Orchids or lilies? Carving station or sushi chef? You've given a lot of thought to your wedding, but have you considered the details of your ceremony? The person who pronounces you husband and wife can have a big impact on your vows.

It's the hottest season -- literally and figuratively! The thermometer reads 98 degrees, and you plan to wow your guests with your slinky gown and luau-themed rehearsal dinner. But you'll have to stave off heat-induced grouchiness, too. Here's how.

You're attached to your guy, but you're also pretty attached to your name. There's no reason you can't have them both. Whether you take his name, keep yours or hyphenate them, you can express your married identity in a way that's comfortable for you.

Whether your dress is impossibly slinky and silky, or it's a ball gown with a neck that plunges halfway down your sternum, you've got some undergarment challenges on your hands. These are the wedding day accessories no one talks about.

Discover some new and simple ways to save money on your wedding. Check out these expert wedding planning tips from event planners and savvy brides.

You're ready to walk the aisle, but sometimes the pressure of planning your big day can be too much. Relax. Take a breath. Pop some corn, pop in a DVD and hit the couch with your sweetie as we count down a handful of flicks to put you both at ease.

Proper planning, organization and communication are vital for a flawless wedding. Enter the wedding Web site. We'll show you the roles it can play and help you decide whether you truly need one.

Wedding planners can be a little eccentric. Opinionated. Expensive. So, why would you ask a virtual stranger to organize every detail of the most special day of your life? Here are five good reasons.

It's the most special day of your life, and that's why you hired a wedding planner to coordinate every last details. But she's not going to see you down the aisle without keeping a few secrets. These are the things she'd rather you not know.

Your wedding venue should be an expression of who you are and what you want to remember about the big day. We'll guide you through options that are unique, memorable and entertaining.

Unlike the boogeyman, the bridezilla is a very real -- and very terrifying -- creature, posing a threat to bridesmaids and grooms alike. How can you tell if you're in the presence of a bridezilla?

Kids bring a little levity and welcome whimsy to weddings. But the under-12 crowd won't be too excited about your prime rib carving station and string quartet. Here's what will make them (and their parents) happy.

You are the original cool girl. And with your don't-worry-be-happy attitude, no one's worried about you turning into Bridezilla before the big day. Your style is beachy fresh -- the simpler, the better. HowStuffWorks toasts you, the laid-back bride!

Type A brides, stand proud! You are traditionalists with fierce attention to detail. You are the wearers of lace and carriers of white roses. You are the darlings of the wedding industry (and subscribers to every wedding magazine).

It's not that you're too good for tradition. Ball gowns and string quartets are just a little conventional for your taste. You're smart, chic and sophisticated, and you want the world to see that on your wedding day. We at HowStuffWorks tip our hats to you!

If only it were as simple as picking a china pattern and choosing the boutonnieres. Getting married is a life-changing event, and this glamorous event comes with some not-so-glam to-dos. Have you checked these 10 off your list?

Type A brides, rejoice! All your organizational neuroses can make wedding planning a breeze. Just follow our tips to ensure that you get things ticked off your list without ticking off your bridal party.

An important celebration deserves a fine feast. How can you make sure all those hungry guests get fed?

Love may makes the world go round, but budget dictates much of a wedding's details. How can you and your wedding caterer work well together within the budget's constraints?