5 Wedding Planning Tips for the Type A Bride

Image Gallery: You Know You're a Type A Bride When ... If not closely monitored, type A brides will work themselves into a state of exhaustion to have the storybook wedding of their dreams. See pictures of Type A brides.

Type A women everywhere have long endured good-natured jabs from friends and family regarding their sometimes over-the-top organizational tendencies. Most of us brush off this light criticism since the same characteristics that encourage a type A to alphabetize her DVD collection often lead to academic and career excellence. Whereas a more laid-back bride-to-be might elect to languish in the engagement afterglow, type A brides are more apt to purchase bridal magazines, assign the wedding party and set the date within mere days of joyfully accepting the marriage proposal. Rest assured, there's nothing wrong with either scenario! Wedding planning is most enjoyable when done within one's comfort zone, whether it's relaxed and go-with-the-flow or organized to the extreme. We've assembled a list of five helpful tips for brides with type A tendencies. Our tips are designed to play up their strengths and encourage these brides to enjoy the planning process!