Wedding Ceremonies

Whether you hold your wedding indoors or out, summer or winter, formal or casual, the ceremony is the heart and soul of the occasion -- and also what makes the marriage legally recognized! Read about wedding ceremonies in these articles.


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Wedding Guest or Critic? Why We Judge Our Friends' Weddings

What makes a respectable wedding guest turn into a detail-obsessed critic the moment a bride takes her walk down the aisle? We attempt to uncover the real reason why we judge our friends' nuptials.

16 Classic, Modern and Completely Iconic Weddings

These weddings are the stuff of storybook legend. We're talking gorgeous gowns, towering cakes and, of course, plenty of romance. From the simplest affairs to the most elegant, our list of 16 iconic weddings will win you over -- and inspire you, too!

10 Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Things That Might Happen at Your Wedding

After all the money, time and energy you've invested into planning your wedding, it's going to be just perfect. Right? Lower your expectations and anticipate a few hiccups -- here are 10 things that very well might go down on your big day.

Altar Falter: What's next when the bride or groom says "I don't"?

Calling off a wedding is never easy, whether you nix plans six months before the big day or make your way down the aisle to find out your intended isn't there. Even if you're the one who said "I don't," you'll need some time to recover.

10 Adorable (Read: Shocking) Things We've Seen Kids Do at Weddings

Is there anything more precious than a child in patent leather dress shoes or a teeny-tiny blazer? Kids would be perfect wedding guests if they were seen and not heard, but that's usually not the case. You won't believe the monstrous behavior we've witnessed.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Reception Site for Your Personality

Your love is anything but ordinary, so why would you celebrate your union in a dingy hotel reception hall? Let your tastes and interests shine through in a unique venue that will delight your guests!

Greek Weddings

Greek weddings differ throughout Greece, but the Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony has remained largely unchanged throughout the centuries.

Interethnic Weddings: Love in the Melting Pot

Interethnic weddings can be full of surprises. How do successful couples manage differences in location, language and other challenges?

Japanese Weddings

Today's Japanese couples enjoy weaving together their favorite rituals from ancient Japan and modern Western culture to create an unforgettable wedding day.

Moroccan Weddings

Every bride is beautiful on her wedding day, but in Morocco, she gets to be a queen, too! And who wouldn't like a week-long wedding feast?

Thai Weddings

Over the years, Thai weddings have borrowed traditions from a variety of cultures and ethnicities. And unlike Western weddings, the groom is the focus here.