5 Stories of Real-life Wedding Crashers

Some couples don't know their wedding was crashed until they see the photos.
Creatas/Creatas Images/Thinkstock

Some brides and grooms choose their wedding flowers, ceremony site and menu with the utmost care, only to end up with more than they bargained for in terms of guest attendance. That's right; people actually do crash weddings, and it's not just due to the popularity of "Wedding Crashers," the 2005 movie starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. In fact, uninvited guests have been showing up to ceremonies and receptions long before the flick ever hit the silver screen, and they'll still be doing it after the movie has faded into a barely-remembered piece of Hollywood history.

If you're like most of us and only attend a wedding after you've sent back your R.S.V.P. card, you might be wondering why people feel the urge to show up uninvited to a complete stranger's nuptials. The answers are as varied as they are ridiculous. Some people just really enjoy a good party, others are looking for free food, booze and romance, and the less-than-savory crashers have nefarious plans for the gift table. Most crashers are harmless, but if you're concerned that your reception site is less than secure, you might consider designating a trusted friend, family member or site staff member to keep an eye out for suspicious characters. The last thing you want is your new china gracing the kitchen table of a thief.

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