10 Completely Awful (and Anonymous) Bridesmaid Tales of Woe

Nothing will ruin the experience of being a bridesmaid faster than having bridezilla emerge. See more pictures of bridezilla.
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If you've served as a bridesmaid, you know the job can be tough work. Since you agreed to max out your credit card to pay for a tacky, taffeta peach gown -- and that's before alterations costs -- you should receive a gold star for being an exceptional bridesmaid.

But all too often that's not enough. Today's average girl shells out about $1,000 during her tenure as a bridesmaid, and even after she's left penniless, there's an expectation to go above and beyond the call of duty when a bridezilla rears her ugly head in times of crisis. Handling the stress so the bride can relax is tricky, and sometimes it's just downright unfair.

Many former bridesmaids have experienced their share of horror, but we've collected 10 completely awful (and anonymous) tales of woe that would make even the most experienced bridesmaid shake in her custom-dyed high heels.