10 Wacky Pieces of Royal Wedding Memorabilia

Image Gallery: Royal Memorabilia Being a royal gets you your face on a plate. See more pictures of royal wedding memorabilia.
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

We Americans are no strangers to turning popular events into merchandising opportunities, but the British aren't slackers, either. With Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding coming up this April, the entire nation and, to some extent, the world, are gearing up for heavy-duty merch mode. Porcelain manufacturers churn out commemorative plate after commemorative plate to meet the sudden rise in demand, while more opportunistic souvenir hawkers try to tie any product they can to the royal event.

Anything related to the wedding has souvenir potential, but coming up are the top 10 wackiest pieces of royal wedding memorabilia from the past and present.

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