Royal Weddings

Royal weddings pull out all the stops: parades, horse-drawn carriages, public holidays -- and you should see the guest list! How do these stately celebrations come together?

Education and money go a long way, but it takes marriage to become a royal. Here are five times Americans have married into royal families.

Your favorite wedding style experts from "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta" have a few ideas about styling Kate Middleton for her wedding day. Lori, Monte and Randy all share their vision of a princess-perfect look.

It's hard to imagine royal newlyweds lounging poolside at an all-inclusive Caribbean resort. No matter how blue their blood, lovebirds are lovebirds, and they deserve an intimate vacay. So, where do they go?

"It should've been me" is a popular sentiment right now, leaving the lips of girls everywhere and being printed on commemorative plates. How did Kate snag the world's most eligible prince?

A dusty, dried bouquet and photo album make up most personal wedding memorabilia collections. But the royals get far cooler mementos of their special occasions. From beer mugs to thimbles, here's what's wacky in wedding memorabilia.

The best part of royal watching is the royal wedding dresses of course. HowStuffWorks remember 9 old and new favorites — and the brides who wore them.

You don't need the wealth of royalty to finance a memorable wedding feast. With a little resourcefulness and creativity, you can host a wedding reception on a budget that's fit for a princess.

Some wedding dresses are so expensive, they seem like a royal rip-off. You crave that designer look, but you're working with a limited budget. We've got 10 creative ways to help you find an affordable, amazing gown.

When wedding bells toll in Tinseltown, you're in store for a huge party. Celebrities have more style, glitz and glamour than your average girl, so we expect them to be princesses on their wedding day. These affairs had sacred fires, custom Zen gardens and 60-piece orchestras.

We're counting down the days until William and Kate's wedding on April 29! Given our love of all things radiant, romantic and regal, it's obvious we can't wait to watch the wedding. Here's what we're most excited about.

While many details of Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding have been made public, some are still shrouded in mystery. Here are 10 things we're hoping they'll include to make the celebration complete.

Who doesn't have bad hair days? Kate Middleton. Her dark locks are smooth, shiny and full of body at all times. But while Kate pays hefty fees for a weekly London salon visit, you can come pretty close to that bouncy beauty for a whole lot less.

Snow White sang "One day my prince will come," but we think you've got to be a little more proactive than that. Don't wait around for Mr. (Royal) Right -- get out there and seek him! Here are some ways to tell if you're eligible to marry into the royal family.

Flowers add color, fragrance and texture to a wedding. But because they're so expensive, a lot of brides choose lackluster blooms to cut some corners. You can have princess-worthy flowers without a king's checkbook! Here's how.

Americans are pretty excited about the big royal wedding coming up in May. But across the pond, some Brits are grumbling about the price tag. Are they responsible for footing the bill? And how much can they expect to pay?

Glam and glitz aside, royal weddings aren't necessarily all they're cracked up to be. There's the endless receiving line, the very public bill and the pressure of a live television audience. What are 10 reasons why a quiet commoner's ceremony might start to look pretty good?