How has the Internet changed the wedding industry?

The Internet has completely revolutionized the wedding industry.
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Not too long ago, the Internet got down on one knee and asked the wedding industry to partner for life. The wedding industry squealed, "#IDo!" It was a hashtag made in heaven. Their union has endured — in sickness and in health — ever since.

The Internet has completely revolutionized the wedding industry. These days, brides can plan their weddings, order rings, design dresses, send invitations, hire caterers and even register for gifts — all without leaving the couch. Anxious brides have replaced weighty planning binders with portable phone apps, and — thanks to social networking sites like Pinterest — bridesmaids can spy the silk, tweak the taffeta and step in to prevent unfortunate dress choices.


Countless modern couples, especially those hailing from immigrant communities, are embracing Internet technologies like Skype to conduct online proxy marriages where the bride is one country and the groom is in another [source: Nir]. NBC News reports that some brides have worn Google Glass headsets under their veils or put cameras on drones to film first-person or bird's-eye views of their big days. In 2013, many news outlets twittered when one popular hotel chain announced it would offer couples a $3,000 "social media wedding concierge" to live-Tweet, Instagram and Facebook wedding ceremonies as they happened [source: Pepitone].

In addition to hitching themselves to any and all available online wedding technologies, couples are also taking inspiration from the Internet itself when it comes to planning wedding themes. In 2014, the Huffington Post reported on Jen and Nick, Cosplay partners who built their relationship while playing World of Warcraft online. They carried the adventure into their nuptials, festooning their bridal party with WoW weaponry and going all-out with WoW invitations and party favors [source: Huffington Post].

If you're ready to let the Internet revolutionize your wedding, we've got all kinds of mobile apps and online tools to help you plug into online wedding planning. Click over to the next page to find your favorite tie-the-knot timesavers.


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