Body Scents & Fragrances

Scents and fragrances are a subtle part of your fashion style. Learn about wearing and choosing scents and fragrances.


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5 Surprising Scents Used in Body Fragrances

Whether it's cinnamon buns, gin and tonics or even hickory barbeque, there are some perfumes out there that break the traditional flower, citrus or musk standards of scent. What are five of the strangest scent categories?

Am I too old for my fragrance?

Have you been wearing the same perfume since your early 20s? Which scents are right for what ages, and why?

Am I too young for my fragrance?

No young woman wants to smell like her great aunt. Which fragrances work best for which ages?

How to Pick Your Daughter's First Perfume

Your daughter wants her own perfume, what do you do? If you decide she's old enough, it's time to go shopping. Here are some tips for how to pick out an age-appropriate first perfume.

How to Update Your Perfume Profile

A perfume profile can save you time, confusion and money at the perfume counter. Your profile isn't set in stone, though -- at some point it's going to need an update.

5 Fragrances for 40somethings

For many women, the 40s are often a time of change. So why not consider a new fragrance to complement your constantly morphing life? Real-life 40somethings tell us their favorite scents.

Should I refrigerate my perfume?

You've purchased the what? Delicate perfumes are often stored incorrectly. Find out whether or not the refrigerator the best place for fragrance.

Is my fragrance making me fat?

It sounds like a joke – that vanilla-scented perfume could make you gain weight! Actually, scientists have discovered that fragrance may play a role in obesity, and that certain smells may impact your appetite. So, how about a weight-loss perfume?

Why Perfume Concentrations Matter

Don't pick your perfume because it comes in a beautiful bottle or has a celebrity on the package; Dig deeper to understand the fragrance concentration of each product and find a perfume that's uniquely you.

10 Ways to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

You don't just want to smell delightful for a couple of hours. You want to smell good all day! How can you make your perfume scent stick?

Why did my perfume smell different when I was pregnant?

A heightened sense of smell is one of the hallmarks of early pregnancy, but it isn't fun at all – in fact, your favorite perfume may be making your stomach flip. But can your fragrance harm your baby?

Should I have a different fragrance for work and play?

Can your work-time fragrance carry over to the off-duty hours, or is failing to switch it up a major faux pas that will have the beauty police on your case?

Know Your Fragrance Notes

All perfumes, even the most basic ones, blend three scents, or "notes." The specific arrangement of these notes -- and their reaction with your skin -- is what gives a perfume its own personality.

Body Chemistry Has Everything to Do with Fragrance

Body chemistry has a major effect on fragrances -- what smells great on one person won't necessarily work on another. But there's also a surprising subconscious factor at work that goes deeper than plain old personal preference.

How to Pick a Fragrance for Your Guy

Choosing the right scent for the man in your life may seem like a tall order, but you're probably in a much better position to make an informed decision than he is.

How to Pick a Fragrance for Your Girl

Perfume is a classic gift to give your lady, but with the number of options on the market, the task of picking one out can be daunting.

Is there a benefit to applying fragrance to pulse points?

Classic movies often depict glamorous actresses gently dabbing perfume on their pulse points...but does it really matter where you apply your fragrance?

Can perfume make me smarter?

Are you struggling in the focus department? Need to improve your mental performance. The help you need could be in your perfume bottle. Can the right scent make you an intellectual?

Can perfume make me happier?

The appeal of perfume for most people is a pleasing aroma, but did you know that the right scent might also boost your mood?

What's the difference between cologne, eau de parfum and perfume?

One brand, one scent, equally pretty bottles: So why does the one labeled "perfume" cost 10 times as much as the one called "eau de toilette"? With fragrance, it all comes down to concentration.

How to Stage a Fragrance Intervention

We've all been there: You have a friend, co-worker or relative who is always smelled before they're seen. How do you gently break it to them that their perfume is just too much?

5 Fragrances for 30-somethings

If you're a perfume aficionado, you've probably figured out your fragrance style by the time you're in your 30s. If you're looking for new blood in your fragrance collection, we found five interesting, compelling scents that will make heads turn.

5 Fragrances for 20-somethings

In your 20s, you need to say goodbye to teenybopper drugstore perfumes. Here are five young -- but not too young -- fragrances that will get you started in the enormous world of grownup perfumes.

Can perfumes trigger migraines?

It's not that your coworker's new perfume bothers you; in fact, you rather like it. You just wish that heady scent didn't come with excruciating headaches. Is the perfume causing your migraines?

Can perfume expire?

So, you've taken the plunge and splurged on a big bottle of the classic Chanel No. 5. But then a terrible thought suddenly springs to mind. Will this perfume expire?