How to Pick a Fragrance for Your Girl

Don't let the the task scare you. This can actually be fun!
Don't let the the task scare you. This can actually be fun!

The sense of smell is one of the brain's best mechanisms for adding context to recollection. It's the reason many people associate the aroma of fresh-baked cookies with the holidays. The science at work may still be somewhat mysterious, but the big lesson is that you can use fragrance to your advantage if you know a few useful tricks.

If you give the gift of a distinctive fragrance, it will almost always ensure that on some far-off anniversary, she'll uncork that distilled essence of a long-ago evening or weekend and remember how wonderful it felt to spend special moments in your company. Drop for drop, that's good value at any price.

This might sound fanciful, but fragrance has power -- whether it's the noxious odor of rotten cabbage or the sweet smell of night-blooming jasmine at sunset. Smell can be a time capsule. Giving her a wonderful fragrance she loves has a couple of other advantages, too. You'll earn important relationship points for discriminating taste and romantic savoir-faire. You'll also net extra points (not that anyone is actually keeping score) for going with a difficult choice when candy or flowers would have been a safer bet. She'll love the fact that you're a risk taker.

If you thought you could get away with selecting a fragrance you happen to like and using that as a handy explanation for your choice (wrapped with a pretty bow), guess again. There are no easy outs when it comes to picking a perfume or cologne she'll wear and enjoy. If she isn't drawn to the scent, it will eventually end up at the back of her lingerie drawer -- never to be used again.

This ups the ante on a task that may seem pretty complicated anyway. Your lady may already have some pronounced preferences, and even if she doesn't, there's a good chance she'll feel drawn to some fragrances over others. A little careful sleuthing will give you useful clues, though, and if all else fails, we have a foolproof option to offer.

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